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Integrated Marketing Service We unify and deploy different marketing methods and techniques to accomplish the objective of our clients. Based on the requirement, available resources and the desired results to be achieved, a judicious mix of the following methods such as Direct Marketing, Telemarketing, eMail Marketing, SMS Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc will be formulated. An Optimal Mix for the integrated marketing programme will be arrived monitoring the results periodically. The Most Cost effective way to achieve the desired result in customer Acquisition, Branding & Reach.
Data Search The need for companies to capture, process, analyze and use target data places a great burden on resources of an organization. These limitations, combined with the necessity to actively search for required business data with lack of technology and experience, limits the accuracy and efficiency. If you want to collect the required data from secondary Sources (Internet), Data Service provides an end to end solution. We deploy an unbeatable technology to gather even hard to find data and deliver the same in desirable formats. Hard to find DATA ??
Social Media Marketing Today's context, the social media presence for businesses/corporate has become an integral function and inevitable. Social Media Marketing is the cost effective vehicle to stay ahead of competition, to understand your potential customer, to do better customer support, to retain the existing customer base and to reach larger and targeted audience. Building Blog, Mini site, Facebook Page & Application, Twitter Page, LinkedIn Page, YouTube and Google+ are the prominent social media used in new age marketing. Need Targeted Audience ??
CRM - Consulting & Services We provide both On demand & On Premises CRM consulting and implementation services at affordable cost within reasonable time frame. We Understand your business processes and the requirements first, based on which the right CRM tool will be customized and configured. Training and technical support will be extended until our client has become comfortable and familiar with the implemented CRM tool. Need CRM ??